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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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weekend. look at that in your forecast coming up. the light rain rob is talking about is going to effect your traction for the roadway. we have the backup at the bay bridge and the peninsula. update to that crash. >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> very good thursday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we're going to update breaking news right now. several young men under arrest in connection with two strong armed robberies in the south bay overnight. >> san jose police say the suspects tried to hide in back yards. it all happened near cropley and morrill avenues in north san jose. "today in the bay's" damian broke the story early this morning. damian, officers used canines to eventually catch the suspects? >> reporter: yeah, and canines from other cities, in fact, laura. they gave this neighborhood back to the residents a short while ago. this is a hot spot for
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burglaries in san jose but not today. this is the scene of the strong armed robberies here. again, in the north end of town. police say they have two separate robbery victims. one is an elderly person. it happened just after midnight. police say three of the suspects began hopping fences. the fourth was caught earlier. officers conducted a perimeter search with the help of canine units from sunnyvale police and santa clara police. they knew there were still three suspects on the loose. officers found them hiding in the same backyard here on babe ruth drive. there were two adults and two juveniles in all. only two of the adults resisted arrest and they were bitten by the canines. they needed minor medical attention at the scene from san jose firefighters. >> we probably have in the neighborhood of 26 to 30 police officers here. primarily from san jose pd. in this case we utilized a canine officer and two extra officers from santa clara and another canine officer from
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sunnyvale and two extra officers from sunnyvale. >> reporter: so lots of police activity. police say they found evidence on some of the suspects linking them to the prior robberies. those robbery victims are expected to be okay. they arrived here on the scene and were able to identify the suspects. those suspects were then taken both to jail and to you've any hall. live in the north end of san jose, i'm damon, "today in the bay." >> thank you, damian. breaking this morning, debris lines the streets in daly city after a man stole a dump truck. led police on a short chase before it slamming into a minivan. several people were hurt. >> not all of this chaos happening around 2:00 this morning on san jose avenue and flournoy street in daly city. "today in the bay's" bob redell has been out there all morning. bob, the streets still shut down at this hour? >> reporter: and working to clear up this scene. it's quite a mess out here. a lot of debris. what's remarkable is no one was
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killed. there's the dump truck in question driven by someone who stole it and ended up crashing here into that minivan to the left of the dump truck with three people inside. here at the intersection of san jose and flournoy in daly city. the three people in the minivan and driver of the stolen dump truck all in the hospital right now. now, this started at some time after midnight south of here. the police saw the dump truck, the driver of the stolen dump truck in a town home complex. thought it was odd. why would that dump truck be driving around that complex at that time of the day. ran the plate and realized it was stolen. the officer did try to pull over the driver of the stolen dump truck but the driver didn't comply and, instead, tried to ram the officer. while the officer was still in their squad car. fortunately missed the officer but the officer then went in pursuit with this dump truck through the south city and then here in the daly city where the dump truck collided with that
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minivan. sending the minivan into a parked car and the dump truck wrapping around that utility pole. again, at the intersection of san jose and flournoy in daly city. they've got two wreckers out here where the past 30 minutes they've been trying to remove it and get that dump truck out of here. it's in such twisted shape shs bad shape, it's just been very difficult. the driver of the stolen dump truck did try to run away but was caught. taken to the hospital. we believe his injuries are minor. the three people in the minivan including a 16-year-old girl, again, all three of them taken to the hospital. one of them was serious but not life threatening injuries. police tell us that they hope to have this intersection which is a main commute in the daly city area because it's not far from 208. hope to have it hope within the next two hours by around 8:00. you can see a lot of debris to pick up. the dump truck. the minivan. and diesel fuel that spilled out here as well. reporting live here in daly city. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> nice out there. here's another story
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developing by the minute. oil, now blackening at least nine miles of california's coastline. a state of emergency is in effect this morning as crews trying to clean up thousands of gallons of oil that seeped into the ocean near santa barbara. >> this is a problem they are still actively trying to contain. "today in the bay's" michelle roberts joins us live from refugio state beach, one of two beaches remains closed this morning and could stay closed for quite some time. >> reporter: that's right. this beach and el capitan beach will be closed until at least next thursday. the goal is just to allow crews the opportunity to clean up and is probably not somewhere you want to spend your holiday vacation anyway. the smell is so intense. this is what clean-up crews are dealing with. you can see the rocks just completely covered in black. they've been scooping up dark seaweed washing up onshore as well. heartbreaking thing is when you see the birds fishing in this black ocean. here are some of the updated numbers this morning. yesterday 6,000 gallons of oily
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water has been cleaned up. it's good but still a long way to go. estimated 105,000 gallons of crude oil spilled on tuesday morning. plains all american pipeline broke dumping crude oil into a storm drain. the oil is being removed in a vurtity of ways. vacuums, absorbent boom out in the water, and crews onshore. >> more than 300 federal, state, and local first responders and numerous environmental clean-up contractors arrived on scene and are actively assessing booming and removing oil from the effected areas. you should see and expect even more responders on the beach. >> reporter: yesterday the ceo of plains all american apologized for the disaster and vowed to clean up the mess. the cause of this pipeline break is still under investigation. if you're wanting to help, they are asking volunteers who are eager to get involved, just hold
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off. let the professionals do their job. if you do see an animal in trouble or covered in oil, call the professionals because you don't want to harm it any more than it already has been. reporting live in santa barbara county, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, michelle. we will check back with michelle coming up at 6:45. in the meantime, visit our website elderly san francisco woman is in critical condition after savage attack in broad daylight. this morning investigators are looking for the woman who attacked her. >> i would say near death would be the most accurate way of describing her condition. >> that's connie ho, describing her grandmother, 77-year-old, lynn who is now in a san francisco hospital. police say she had just gotten off a muni bus on mother's day when she was attacked by another woman for no apparent reason. officers want to find her attacker and are looking for a
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mysterious man who came to her aid as she was on the walk. >> can you please come forward and let us know who you are. maybe you can help us find this assailant that attacked my grant what. >> police are asking anyone who saw anything suspicious in chinatown in the early afternoon of may 10th on mother's day to give them a call. three men are under arrest this morning in connection with a high speed chase that ended in a dadly hit and run in san francisco. here's a look at the suspects. all of them 18 or 19 years old. investigators say the men were fleeing from police in a stolen car last month when they hit and killed bridget checker. the suspect's allegedly kept on driving before dumping their car on trae shurd island. they were arrested yesterday in san francisco, hayward, and santa rosa. follow up on the whale that washed ashore in half-moon bay. hoping the tide will allow them to examine the 40-foot gray whale so they can figure out how
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it died. they were unable to do so yesterday because of the high tide. this marks the third dead whale to wash ashore in the bay area in the past five weeks. 6:08. now to a live look at a soggy at&t park. the tarp is out there this morning keeping the infield dry. while you were sleeping light rain fell in parts of the bay area. drizzlingy out there this morning. we got a day game, too. >> we do. not bad conditions for a game. keep it kind of cool. they're going for the sweep out there, are our giants. hopes are abounding right now. >> that's outstanding looking at the national weather. 2 1/2 games back. quite a comeback taking on the dodgers. and for the game you're starting to see a sneak preview of the weather earlier as we get into the afternoon. first pitch coming up at 12:45. drizzle at san francisco. clouds in san jose. that's the view in san francisco. around downtown. we need the windshield wipers going there. you can see the drops going by. drizzle and light rain at times.
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that is going to be the story around san francisco and the peninsula through the morning is the low clouds are forced to rise over the coastal hilltops. mostly cloudy skies. cool temperatures and for the north bay hills and hills oath of san jose there is the chance of seeing a few more isolated showers. all day sea breeze and low clouds keeping our temperatures down for this time of year. we're going to see highs in the mid 60s for the valleys for most places. 50s closer to pacifica. near 60. yes, that first pitch coming up just before 1:00 this afternoon. does look like we're going to be looking at some drizzle out there. light rain at times. winds southwest. 10 to 20 miles per hour. north bay and tri-valley, highs in the mid 60s once again. the pattern looks like it's going to stick around for the next few days. into friday, drizzle at times around the peninsula and coast. sierra thunderstorms, a possibility, into friday afternoon. the holiday weekend, things start to improve. if you like 70 degree temperatures, should manage that. probably more so by sunday into
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monday. see some low to mid 70s around south bay. not much change the tornado watches around san francisco. staying in the low 60s. less in the way of drizzle and light rain. dry weather and slight warm up as we head through the memorial day weekend. light rain could be causing issues for the morning commute. >> we have a few issues including the rain and drizzle. here though looks like i'm on the scene. this is where bob is at the scene here. this is bob. look at the damage and diesel spill and dump truck involved in that crash after the pursuit from daly city. this is why this portion of san jose avenue is closed near flournoy off of 280. the your crews are on scene. all the diesel spilled, this could take well into the morning commute. look at the map. crash scene and this is the map area. sflans and just south of there where it gets busy through daly city. san jose avenue. that's john daly boulevard, mission street. it could be affected by reroutes. we'll track this throughout the morning. bob is on-screene.
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we will track that for part of your peninsula issue. the second part, bay bridge 101, the crash at grand avenue is clear to just one lane down and possibly that could be cleared but in south san francisco down toward sfo because of an earlier crash which was blocking your two left lanes. the rest of your bay is fine. looking at smooth and predictable commute. south bay, no issues bay as far as anything expected. we'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on. i wanted to point out the slick roadways. rob was talking about the drizzle. back to you. >> we see it behind you there. thanks a lot. 6:12. bottled water industry in hot water this morning. the boiled down to our drought. >> plus, look at the mathematics of the nfl coming up in business.
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we're starting to think that scott mcgrew has a thing for janet yellen. >> he promise it is we sit through it we will talk football. >> you do not think the fed minutes are as exciting as the nfl. we got the fed minutes yesterday, guys. the internal notes from the littest federal over markets committee. it shows the chance of an interest rate hike any time soon are low. probably fall at the earliest. the other good news, the fed says it's not too concerned about the hiccup in the economy last winter saying that looked temporary. wednesday's news hikes are not coming any time soon helped push the dollar lower. this is good news if you make something for exports, chevy car or grow wheat or make computers. okay. that's it for monetary policy. >> that's okay. i enjoy interest rate talk. >> that's good. that's it for now. we'll talk more about it later.
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let's talk about the nfl. as you well know professional football is going to move the point after touchdown line back to try to make that event a little bit more exciting. if you don't know football and some people don't you get an extra point for kicking the ball but you get two extra points for running the ball into the end zone. but kicking here is so easy, coaches opt for the sure thing and it's boring. mathematicians at m.i.t. tried to figure out with the new rules how likely would it be that the kicker would succeed. this is the formula. how often will a coach opt to run the ball with the new formula instead in put another way, is the rule change going to make the game more interesting? the answer is no. the formula says it is less likely the kicker will succeed. that makes sense. he goes from 98% at the two-yard line to 93% at the 15-yard line. still 93%. two-point conversion rs running it works out less than half the
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time. nfl coaches, the paper say, hate risks. they're going to take that easy one point over the more difficult two-point just like they do now. so really doesn't matter how far ba back you get it, guys, unless you get it ridiculously far back and the two-point is easier. >> they were so close in nailing this because, yes, they moved the kickback but if you move the run in, start at the 1 yard line instead of the 2 yard line for the two-point conversion you might convince coach toes try that instead. >> blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. >> all i know is once the amazing touchdown touch happens you the go ahead and go to the rest room or get more nachos because whatever is happens after that is going to happen. >> it's just noise. new hot button issue relating to drought in bottled water. many are angry at the bottle watering companies. they're getting their h2o from public land.
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>> we are hoping for every last drop. meantime, natural springs all over california which provide water for the bottling industry. no one really knows how much water being used. a lot of people though want answers to that question. water bottlers are facing a flood of criticism. >> the governor created a plan but nothing was said about water bottling or fracking. >> starbucks has already been bottling the ethos water in california. the company recently decided to change the policy and announced it's going to find a new source outside of the state of california in the next six months. >> all right. there you go. north bay, tilt your head upward, drizzle in your face. first, live look at san jose. clear here. >> could we even fill up a water bottle, rob? you're saying we got a little bit of drizzle but maybe not enough. >> a little bit in san francisco. it could be enough if you're very patient.
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>> right now tsds mit is measur as we show you the view in san francisco right now. there's some mist on the lens there. enough that it's running down right now. san francisco some wet roads for you. seeing this around the peninsula and daly city, around the bay bridge toll plaza and east bay, too. that is the way the morning is starting in san francisco. take a look at san jose, we've got mostly cloudy skies. but not too much in the way of drizzle or at least like that. like we're seeing in san francisco as we look for some light rain at times. especially around coastal hilltops if air is forced to rise and drop drizzle and light rain at sometimtimes for the mo commute. hilltop showers at times, too. this pattern is going to stick around for your friday morning commute before we begin to see changes approaching the weekend. we've got the clouds and the drizzle. all day sea breeze, winds are increasing as we get into the evening which will help to keep the temperatures running not in the mid 70 wrz we should be this time of year for valleys but mid 60s for most places inland.
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lots of 50s across the board through mid morning and urchl lunchtime, sunny breaks around the tri-valley and santa clara valley with numbers in the mid 60s and highest days running cool. 67 degrees. ten degrees below average in san jose. mid to upper 50s around pacifica. you saw the light rain at times for san francisco. for the north bay, mid to upper 60s around the tri-valley today. and for oakland, coming up tonight, 6:00. head out to oracle arena, the chance of the splash brother showers indoors at oracle coming up tonight. for your holiday weekend, plans are going to see the light rain to move on. a little more sunshine. notice sunday for the south bay and north bay, temperatures climbing in the 70s. the pattern should hold cooler as we approach memorial day on monday. warmer weather on the way. timing good for your weekend plans. to see how things are affecting your morning commute, here's mike. >> looking over toward the bay bridge toll plaza where we have the light rain. good illustration of the slick
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roadways if gray skies, drizzle that will likely hit your windshield north of the san mateo bridge and backup that's there. as we look at the golden gate bridge across the bay looking at this but we have slick roadways to clouds though not down to the deck. not a fog situation. watch for affects. so far you're okay. here's the concern. just north of the city, waldo tunnel we got word of a crash right here. northbound 101 so it's counteder commute. it is near the waldo tunnel that will be a distraction because there's a car in the middle of roadway right now. i'll track that. so far southbound commute is just fine through drizzle san rafael and the golden gate bridge. there's bay bridge backup. the crash 101 right around sfo is clearing from ground avenue but the slowing clears up as we're down to just the slow. the rest of the bay moves smoothly. no neighbor surprises. the tri-valley and east bay, southbound 880 slows a bit. we are minder that san mateo bridge closes starting friday at 10:00 p.m. and this will go through on through memorial day weekend. back to you.
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>> mike, you're a smarty pants but could he do this? the next up here at 6:21. 11-year-old kid gets his college degree. amazing story ahead. live look at roar-acle this morning. before that place will be rocking in just a few hours. we'll show you what it takes to get the place playoff ready, coming up.
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how about some love for the warriors? it's about time. it is game day. game two actually of the western
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conference finals. this morning all dressed up a and ready for the big contest. the houston rockets the opponent. a crew of 40 people spent hours placing the yellow strength in number shirts on every i think single seat. might take you a little while but that's not all it takes to get this arena ready for prime time. >> we've done a lot of work. spent a lot of hours transfo transforming the building into media work areas, media catering. the space is big enough for many to eat and go before the games. >> got to get your grub. tipoff tonight is just after 6:00. that's a lot of yellow. >> that's right. she's only 2 but she's already a budding star. now the buzz around her kicks. >> reilly curry. the 2-year-old daughter of warriors mvp steph curry. you must have seen her steal the show on tuesday night. well, it turns out she wears shoes modeled after her dad's
6:26 am
line. >> reilly has her own pair of custom curry 1 basketball shoes. the pint size versions of the ones worn by steph curry and made by under armour on the right. when he first got shoe deal they made sure to design a pair for his beloved daughter. i think that's great. >> these sponsorship deals just keep getting younger and younger. speaking of which, it's graduation season. there's a young prodigy among the thousands of students walk ag drosz stage. >> 11, 11 years old. abraham already getting his degree about ten years in advance. he's graduating from american river college in sacramento. abraham's parents say their son was always ahead of the game. he had no problem going to class with people twice his age. >> the first time i came to -- college class, i wasn't really nervous. so this isn't much of a -- >> older graduates, we do nothing. he actually graduated high school at the age of 10.
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he says he plans on continuing hised a indication so he can become a doctor, a medical researcher, and little thing called the president of the united states. >> you know what? you can certainly see it happening. before he runs for office, go back to prom when he's 16 years old. >> not yet. >> because he missed out on that. you can see fireworks at this morning's uc regents meeting. the issue, not tuition, not budget cuts but guns. also an update to breaking news. stolen dump truck, a chase and crash shuts down a busy bay area intersection.
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not one but two ipos on the market. the canadian company shopify and the markets coming up. >> this is "today in the bay." >> all right. good thursday morning. you got one more to go until the end of the week. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we are following breaking news stories this morning. it's been a busy morning. the first one in san jose where early this morning police arrested four strong armed robbery suspects after a frantic door to door search. the men targeted two separate victims in northeast san jose. police set up a perimeter and nabbed three of the four suspects in a yard near cropley avenue. officers already have the fourth suspect in custody. police say two of their suspects
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are adults if the other, teenagers. while you were sleeping. in daly city you're looking at the aftermath of a crash between a stolen dutch truck and a van. all of this starting overnight when police tried to pull over the driver of the dump truck when police say he tried to run over an officer. other officers then chased the dump truck to the intersection of san jose avenue and flournoy street where the dump truck crashed into a van carrying three people. two of them suffering serious injuries. the driver of the dump truck tried to make a run for it on foot and caught. happening today, university of california regents are meeting in san francisco and this morning they'll hear from students who want to make sure the uc system isn't making money off of any investments in gun manufacturers. >> this with the memory of school shooting so fresh in our minds and close to home. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is joining us with the weapons in arsenal. >> they are trying to affect financial change. father of a young woman killed in 2014 shooting rampage near uc
6:32 am
santa barbara will address the regents and students who want their university system to take a financial stand against weapons. the students will deliver a petition to the regents and also speak during public comment. while the uc system previously sold off investments in the gun industry, they are not prepared enough to make sure it is the case. they want a formal ban to prevent any weapons industry investment in the future. the regents will also hear from a man whose daughter was killed by a suicidal gunman in isla vista last may. >> hearing stories of, you know, a father who lost his child and the students who live in isla vista and were there during the shooting and continue to be effected by that every day. i think that will inspire the regents to really think about this issue. >> the university manls a $7.4 billion endowment for which they committed to response i believe investing last year. that can be a powerful tool.
6:33 am
some analysts say it. helped wednesday apartheid in south africa and tobacco investments for the university as well. students have pushed the regents less successfully to digest -- divest from big oil and businesses that support israel military efforts. we will see what happens today. >> very interesting. thank you, kris. it is 6:33. got time for a story? u.s. senator did after a marathon address last night that went on and on. >> i will not let the patriot act, the most unpatriotic of acts, go unchallenged. >> the speaker kentucky senator rand paul who is also run for pat he talked and talked and talked about the patriot act which they want to replace with the freedom act. paul is opposed. he spoke for nearly 11 hours in a speech wrapping up just before midnight. >> my voice is rapidly leaving. my bedtime is long since past. >> technically this was not a filibuster but paul hopes to delay a senate vote even though
6:34 am
that's not likely to happen. he still made his point, got the attention and probably sweet dreaming right now. >> why you were not watching they were pumping five-hour energy to get him through that. you see all the rain drops speckled out there on our cameras? >> that says to me it's a good day to stay in bed and have a second cup of coffee. >> maybe an afternoon, open a glass of wine, watch a movie. >> sounds like a weekend. >> here's rob. do you want to join us? >> sounds like a great plan. let's start now. fun head indoors. right now you got some misty skies. that's when you see droplets that small but that is like hairspray like rain coming down in san francisco. light drizzle adds up and runs off the camera lens. that is the view right now in san francisco. san jose, different. you've got the clouds but not much in the way of drizzle or light rain right now. but around the east bay and peninsula we've been seeing a few wet roads out toward daly
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city, too. you've been seeing light rain at times. 57 again is the temperature for most of the bay area. probably stay in those mid 50s as we go through the morning and the areas of lighter rain as that moisturizes over the coastal hilltops. for the hilltops of the north bay and san jose, slight chance of an isolated shower with cool temperatures continuing throughout the day with the all day sea breeze. 50s through 10:00 and 11:00 to morning. approaching noon. seeing mid 60s inland. not mid 70s like we should see this time of year. 67 in san jose. only upper 50s around pacifica and half-moon bay. upper 50 tods near 60 in san francisco. mid 60s around north bay and tri-valley. as we get towards the start of the holiday weekend ahead we're going to see temperatures starting saturday, starting to warm up. as we approach monday we'll see temperatures cooling a little bit but those numbers considerably warmer than the highs today. san francisco, you're not going to warm up a whole lot. should manage low to mid 70s inland. mike? >> rob, we're looking over here
6:36 am
now. i want to give folks a note. live camera where bob redell is in daly city, which this is what's going on. that's a divided roadway. a big one. highway 82 is what we call it but this is san jose avenue. that dump truck was involved in the crash. bob is following the story that ended up in daly city. there's another vehicle involved. tow truck there is and a lot of debris and diesel spill. look at your map. the freeways into and out of san francisco and daly city so far just fine. the crash just off of 280. a major intersection. mission street, john daly boulevard and san jose boulevard come together in that same area. that will be the effected until after 8:00 from what i understand. bob will give us an update but so far suffice to say 280 through the area is okay but off the freeway, watch for that. crash approaching sfo is cleared southbound 101 and east bay and tri-valley, on the right side. typical pattern for the try sally and the san mateo bridge. as we look south of dumbarton
6:37 am
bridge bridge no, big surprise. build for 101 and 87 through san jose. nothing to call out there. we'll call oakland for our live camera here and see a light volume of traffic there. >> hey, oakland. >> warriors, oh. >> that's right. >> tonight. by the way. and there's a game tonight. there will be a lot of traffic. a lot of cars with those warriors flags flying around the bay area. >> don't let them get distracted. >> visibility issue. >> it is a sea of yellow. we have our small part here, tie, dress. >> oracle. >> all right. rooting for them. coming up next, you've got to see this. police officers risking their own lives to rescue a dog in those rushing flood waters. all of it captured on camera. bay area man taken to the ground and hit with a stun gun at l.a.x. the whole thing caught on camera. that's not even the craziest thing about this story. wait until you hear who is behind the camera.
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new this morning.
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the head of japan's auto industry says he hopes to have a report soon on what caused takata's airbag problems. he thinks by the end of the year. we'll have that report. more than 50 million cars have been recalled around the world since 2008. the airbags can explode with so much force they spray metal shards inside the car. the recall impacts about one out of every four cars on the road. tense rescue from land side ravaged colombia. police officers putting themselves in harm's way to save that dog. it's in rushing water from the river. eventually jumped in. look at that. the dog wasn't bleedireathing t. quickly gave it cpr until he came to. he had injuries from rocks and debris in the river. should be okay. talk about super heroes there. you saw the police officer m slide in the river. >> frightening. he could have been swept away. >> absolutely. >> okay. chaotic moments yesterday at
6:41 am
l.a.x. this video proof of what happened here shot by a relatively well-known celebrity. >> all right. tsa sergeants used a stun gun on a man there in the center of your screen. he is from the bay area. they say he breached security. investigators say 21-year-old christian hines of danville not cooperating with agents but actor troyer is the one who saw it all happened and caught it on video. you may know him better as mini me. >> i travel all the time. it's the first time that i've really witnessed something like that. i don't know if he was on something or, you know, what it was. but i mean, if he wasn't acting, you now -- >> hins will be charged with trespassing and resisting arrest. authorities still don't know why he ran. >> we do know he had to take his finger down from his mouth to hold the camera and get that shot out there. time is 6:41. following two breaking news
6:42 am
stories. debris lines bay area streets after a man steals a dump truck and crash sbees into a minivan. let's root on our boys this morning. provided that the giants game doesn't get rained out. can't even see what's going on out there at at&t park. rain to start your day. we'll be back with nonstop news, traffic, and weather after this break.
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at 6:44. developing story by the minute.
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oil now blackening at least nine miles of california's coastline. a state of emergency is in effect this morning as crews try to clean up thousands of gallons of oil that seeped so the ocean near santa barbara. michelle roberts joins us live from refugio state beach, one of two beaches that remains closed and could stay closed for quite some time. >> reporter: yeah, this beach and el capitan will be closed until at least next thursday but it could be longer. if you have reservations you will be able to get your money back but you probably wouldn't want to be spending your vacation holiday here this weekend. you can see what crews will be dealing with today. these rocks just completely covered in oil. the water today doesn't look a little more clear we than yesterday but a long way to go. yesterday 6,000 gallons of oily water was removed from the ocean and the latest numbers on the spill, 105,000 gallons. this all happened tuesday morning when an onshore pipeline broke sending the oil into a storm drain. last night the ceo of plains all
6:46 am
american apologized for this tragedy and promised to clean it up. >> you should know that we deeply, deeply regret that this incident has occurred at all. we apologize for the damage that it's done to the wildlife and to the environment. we're very sorry for the disruption and inconvenience it has caused on the citizens and the visitors to this area. >> reporter: the cause is still under investigation that the point. wildlife experts unfortunately do expect fish and wildlife deaths, but so far none have been reported. so that oil slick off the shore nine miles but there is immediate briefing in the next couple of hours where we will get an update on that number. reporting live, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. this story is sure to change throughout the day. michelle will have live updates for us tonight during our evening newscast. and for the latest any time, visit our website
6:47 am
talking about memorial day holiday that is very quickly approaching. we're almost there. first, a little bit of wet weather. live look outside at the golden gate bridge. >> things are going to change. get a warm-up this weekend? >> a little bit of a warm-up. sent 70s again which will be nice this week. mostly 60s. this morning, added bonus of light rain and drizzle for parts of the bay area. right now, the view in san francisco, the upper part of the transamerica pyramid in the clouds this morning with misty skies. light rain. about .5 falling in san francisco. san jose, a little bit of a different story. we've got clouds and not seeing as much in terms of light rain that is sticking and making the roadways wet around the south bay. around the coast as you get over the santa cruz mountains into san francisco, the peninsula, that's where we're seeing a little bit of light rain over towards the east bay, too. close to coke r ooakland. temperatures in the mid 50s. mostly cloudy start. as that low level cloud cover gets forced to rise over the
6:48 am
hilltops, that's enough to ring out drizzle and light rain. we have a slight chance of hilltop instability showers. maybe up there around the north bay and east of san jose for the afternoon and on going showers and thunder showers toward the sierra. we've got the clouds, cool air and ocean air conditioning cranked up later on this afternoon. all those factors combining to keep our temperatures down out of the 70s again today. mid 50s through mid morning. around lunchtime we will see temperatures climbing in the low 60s inland. a few sunny breaks at times but still quite cool around morgan hill. 65. 67 in san jose. notice the light rain and mist at times into san francisco. we got an early start to the giants game. 12:45 this afternoon. similar to what we saw last night. a little bit of drizzle and light rain possible at times as the game goes on. another cool day there in san francisco into the north bay and tri-valley for this afternoon. highs in the mid to upper 60s. now towards oakland this evening we'll see some misty skies outdoors. and splash rather showers
6:49 am
indoors for that game. you will see if you head out to oakland, cool around game time if you're going to parking lots there close to 60 degrees at oracle and we will see a few lighting rain showers on going as the pattern that we're seeing today is going to linger into friday. so that could give us a little bit of drizzle and light rain at times. as it gets towards the weekend is low going to lift out. the temperatures will rebound for the south bay and tri-valley and north bay. low to mid 70s as we start the weekend and through memorial day monday temperatures will cool a little bit. but certainly a lot more mild than the temperatures we will be seeing here for the next couple of days. >> mild traffic flow here. this is the build for san jose northbound 101 at the 680/280 interchange. typical flow as far as the pattern goes throughout the south bay maps. south 17 right around the summit heading out of the area towards santa cruz. we do have a crash blocking one of your two lanes. meanwhile, as we look north of the silicon valley, southbound side of 880 shows the volume
6:50 am
build. disabled vehicle. not disabled vehicle, pg&e truck in your slow lane. i don't know if it's diss abled or doing work there. if there's a cone zone, watch it. tri-valley looks smooth. we're going to talk about the approach on the bay bridge. all of the way down towards richmond for westbound 80 and bay bridge metering lights are on. there's the backup. no surprises through the north bay although we do have a little slowing in mill valley for south 101. mist and drizzle will play a factor in many spots. daly city, bob redell is just off 280. police activity there keeps local commute effected. he'll have that in a second. the san mateo bridge. eastbound is fine. that construction overnight cleared. westbound really bogging down now as is typical but we also have that sign reminding us that this bridge closes again friday. tomorrow night starting at 10:00 p.m. for that over the weekend work that they're doing. like two weeks ago. use the dumbarton bridge or the bay bridge or 237 as options. going to send it back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. update to breaking news now.
6:51 am
a busy bay area intersection closed this morning still after a car chase and crash. actually it was a dump truck chase. the vehicle that officers were trying to catch there. >> the chase started ended up daly city near the intersection of san jose avenue and floornoy street. bob? >> reporter: well, it's been quite a mess. that's why san jose and flournoy at this intersection in daly city, sam and laura, is still shut down. probably be another hour before police and the workers are able to clean it up. that's the stolen dump truck right there. it had been wrapped around the utility pole. took a good hour or two for the two wreckers to remove it. on the back of this wrecker is the red minivan hit by the driver, that stolen dump truck. three people in that minivan taken to the hospital. started around 12:20 this morning. police officers saw the driver of the stolen dump truck driving it in a town home complex.
6:52 am
thought it was odd, unusual. ran the license plates. realized it was stolen. that's when the officer tried to pull over the driver of the stolen dump truck but he was not going to have anything of it. ended up trying to ram the officer, the officer moved out of the way in a squad car and then there was a chase. the chase that went in the south city and then here in daly city, up mission to san jose and flournoy where the driver of the stolen dump truck collide with that minivan and then wrapped the dump truck around the utility pole. the driver did try to run away but police caught him. he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. will be booked into jail once he's released from the hospital. the three people in the minivan including a 16-year-old girl will also taken to the hospital. two with minor (t&háhp &hc% one seriously hurt but is expected to survive. again, the idea is, the hope to have this intersection here at san jose and flournoy in daly city open by 8:00. somewhat into the morning commute but in times for at
6:53 am
least not to impact the entire commute because this is a main thorough fair for people trying to get to 280. reporting live the daly city, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> keeping a close eye on the traffic impact. update to more breaking news. several young men under arrest in connection with two strong armed robberies in the south bay overnight. >> san jose police say the suspects tried to hide in back yards. it all happened near cropley and morrill avenues. "today in the bay's" brought the story early this morning. damian, officers used canine to eventually catch the suspects? >> reporter: that's right, laura. it's all clear now on babe ruth drive in northeast end of san jose. but for a while it was an active scene here with more than two dozen police officers looking for the suspects here in this part of north san jose. police arrested four people just a short time ago. two adults and two juveniles. it started just after midnight after an elderly man and another person separately were robbed on
6:54 am
the streets on two separate occasions. officers caught one suspect when they arrived on the scene. they say the other three were hopping fences, hiding in people's back yards. officers had to call canine units from sunnyvale and santa clara to help out. they arrested one of the suspects at the onset of the investigation. officers found three others hiding in the same backyard. two of the adults apparently resisted arrest when they were caught, they were bitten by the police dogs. firefighters arrived to provide medical attention at the scene for those suspects. then they were taken to jail. but not before a massive search here near cropley and morrill. >> we probably have 26 to 30 police officers here. primarily from san jose pd. but in this case we also utilized the canine officer and two extra officers from santa clara and another canine officer from sunnyvale and two extra officers from sunnyvale. >> reporter: police say they found evidence from the two robberies on some of the victims. they brought the victims over to
6:55 am
the scene to positively identify the suspects who were then taken away. again, the all clear has been given here on babe ruth drive in san jose. live in san joesz, da. elderly san francisco woman in critical condition after a savage attack in broad daylight on mother's day. now this morning investigators are looking for the woman who attacked her. >> i would say near death would be the most accurate way of describing her condition. >> that's connie ho describing her grandmother, 77-year-old, who is now in a san francisco hospital fighting for her life. police say that she had just gotten off of muni bus in chinatown on mother's day when she was attacked by another woman for no apparent reason. officers want to find her attacker. they are also looking for a mysterious samaritan who came to her aid as she was lying on the sidewalk. >> can you please come forward and lets know who you are.
6:56 am
maybe you can help us find this assailant that attacked my grandma. >> police are asking anyone who saw something suspicious in china town in the early afternoon on mother's day, may 10th, to give them a call. three men under arrest in connection with a high speed chase that ended in a deadly hit and run in san francisco. here's a look of those suspects. all of them just 18 or 19 years old. investigators say the plen were fleeing from police in a stolen car last month when they hit and held bridget clecker. they kept driving before dumping the car on treasure island. they were arrested yesterday in san francisco, hayward, and santa rosa. happening, the father of a young woman who was killed last year will speak before the uc board of regents urging them to take a financial stand against gun makers. he along p uc students will deliver a petition to the regents asking them to divest $7.4 billion endowment from any
6:57 am
weapons manufacturers and retailers. while the uc system previously sold off investments in the gun industry, the students say the university is not transparent enough for people to be sure. >> so they were at one point, we're not sure where they stand right now. so that's one of our big asks, is, you know, what are your holdings and we want them to look into them and make them public. >> the students are also asking for a formal ban to prevent any weapons industry investment in the future. the university manages $7.4 billion endowments. >> that is a lot of money. a lot of ipos going on in silicon valley. another one celebrated this morning but is the appetite for new stocks still there? >> it's interesting because these are from out of the country, scott? >> that's right. both canada and china as well. shopify is one of the most interesting ones. another app company hitting the markets. so like the old dotcomes, losing
6:58 am
money every quarter. they priced at 17 last nighting. it hasn't started trading. i just checked. that's normal. it takes a while for the bid/ask to settle down. what i'm willing to sell it for, what you're willing ing ting t that's the bid/ask. to your point, curious how much interest is out there in new ipos. a short time ago got news the ceo of lumber liquidators quit. they've been in trouble legally and financially after "60 minutes" revealed some of the flooerring may not be safe giving off formaldehyde. proes thors are outside the headquarters of mcdonald's demanding the company invest more in workers. we talked a lot in the last couple of weeks about automation and new cars. ford is introducing something called the pro backup assist. it's a knob on the dash that acts like a second steering wheel. you use it when you're backing up a trailer because that's really hard. people have trouble with this. except rob who can do it because
6:59 am
he's a stud. they call it the -- nobody needs to know you're using the knob to backup your boat. >> what do you mean you can go with this? other than the fact you're an outdoorsman. >> right. >> what just happened? >> big lake, you can do it. >> right now we're seeing a little bit of light rain. few spots around the bay area right now. you can see 56 degrees in san francisco. san jose, 58. cloudy skies. cool day ahead. look at the forecast. mid 60s outside around the bay area today. >> all right. >> no trailer problems on the roads. that's good. take you out to the maps and show youing looking at the approach to the bay bridge. typical slow pattern for the east shore freeway. nothing to call out for the freeways other than your typical slow spots about this time on a thursday. i will call this out. this is where bob redell continues to cover the police activity. dump truck involved in a chase. san jose avenue and flournoy has
7:00 am
the intersection blocked. there's the rest of your bay. looks good. >> it does look good. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with live local news update. >> big day. giants and warriors playing. . good morning. this is the man police have identified as the suspect in that vicious home invasion murder in washington, d.c. this morning the major break in the case. dna from found in the house. much bigger, much worse. that oil spill in california now five times larger than originally thought. the slick, nine miles long. a state of emergency declared and now authorities are looking into possible criminal charges. last late night, david letterman ends his record-setting run as only he could. >> it's beginning to look like i'm not going to get "the


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